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Man measuring moisture levels in a wall.

It's Important to Understand the Full Extent of the Damage

The first thing our SERVPRO of Lake Conroe team do once we arrive at the scene of a loss is to do a full inspection of your property. Our technicians use advanced technology to quickly locate any affected areas.

Full Inspection Is The First Step

Once the property has been inspected, our team creates a full, detailed, damage assessment of the full extent of the damage. The following step is to begin the mitigation and subsequently the restoration. 

Water stains on ceiling.

A Common Sign of Water Damage

A common way people notice that they have damage above their ceiling is by noticing wet stains popping up. If you have noticed this in your home or business in Magnolia, TX, it is important to call a water mitigation crew for help!

Stains Can Indicate Larger Issues

A water damage event can quickly grow out of control in a very short period of time. Mold can begin to grow and spread in under 48 hours, a quick response from our SERVPRO of Lake Conroe team can prevent this.

Team member working in a kitchen.

Water Damage Occurs Often in Kitchens

The kitchen is an area that commonly suffers from water damage. Your sink might leak and cause a mold infestation. The water supply line to your fridge or dishwasher might also leak water. When this happens, the moisture can spread far and wide throughout your property. 

The sink in this kitchen in Houston suffered from a leak. Luckily, the damage was mainly done to that area, and our crew was able to get the mitigation process started immediately. 

Plastic containment in a hallway.

Protecting Unaffected Areas of Your Home Is Important During the Mold Remediation Process

When our SERVPRO of Lake Conroe team arrives at your home, we will begin by inspecting your property to look for all the areas that might have been affected by the damage. The next step of the mold remediation process is to safety-proof your home. We do this by covering areas of your home with plastic sheets and creating these barriers. These barriers are called containments. This prevents microscopic mold spores from spreading to other areas of your home.

Why SERVPRO? SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland is Mold Certified!

Mold was found behind the dry wall of this living room in Splendora during an inspection. The homeowner smelled mildew and turned to a mold inspector. In the state of Texas, companies are allowed to test for mold or to remediate mold, not both. SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland is certified to remediate the mold. Our certified experts performed the mold removal for the homeowner in Splendora and the home has been restored. If you suspect you have mold, please give us a call today. 

Why SERVPRO? SERVPRO is Respectful of Your Home

When a homeowner in the Houston area reported seeing mold in her kitchen behind her dishwasher while she was remodeling her kitchen, she was very nervous. Mold tends to hide in kitchens where small amounts of water can leak...behind the dishwasher or under the refrigerator. Often times, it is found during a remodel. SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland performed the mold remediation with minimal interruption during her remodel. For a company that will restore as we as respect your home, give us a call today at SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland. We are here to help.

SERVPRO is Bio Hazard Certified in the Houston Area

Bio hazard clean up is considered: blood clean up, urine clean up, human feces clean up, animal feces clean up, vomit clean up, and other human fluids.  General maid and janitorial services will not remove these items due to their potentially hazardous nature.  SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland technicians are trained and properly uniformed to safely remove bio hazardous materials. This is why you can rely on us to get the job done quickly, safely, and to sanitation standards. 

SERVPRO is Faster to Any Disaster

SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland offers 24 hour emergency service.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, however there will always be someone to answer your call after hours and on the weekends.  If the damage is classified as an emergency, SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland will be out right away regardless of time or day. When this home kitchen in Conroe suffered a water damage, we were out that same day to start the restoration process.

Why SERVPRO - We are Faster to Any Natural Disaster

When storms hit, they can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses alike. This Conroe area home suffered severe roof damage after a Texas storm ripped through the area.  The living room floor was damaged due to debris and water along with the walls, ceiling, and other content.  SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland responded immediately to restore the damage and the home.  

Why SERVPRO - SERVPRO works with your Insurance!

SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland was called with this Magnolia area home suffered water damage in the kitchen. We arrived to the home right away to remove the water and set up the drying equipment.  The homeowners opened a claim with their insurance company and SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia, and Cleveland worked seamlessly with the insurance company to make sure the process was easy and smooth for the homeowners. 

Contaminated Flood Water

Rising Flood water is considered to be contaminated water because the water travels through septic systems, fertilized yards, and building materials.  Rising flood waters entered this home during hurricane Harvey and all porous materials were removed from the home to ensure the homeowners health and safety. 

*Actual job photo*

What if this was your office?

Was your business able to recover quickly from the hurricane?  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland was able to work with this Huntsville area business to keep business running at full capacity even during the demo and Water Restoration phase. 

*Actual job photo*

It can happen that quickly!

Given the right conditions, mold can begin growing in as little as 24-48 hours!  It can happen that quickly!  In fact, this picture shows what a sub-floor can look like when wet carpet sits for a few days.  Time is of the essence and SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland is available 24/7 for this very reason! 

*Actual job photo*

Fire & Water in Cleveland

The Fire Department successfully extinguished an attic fire in this Cleveland area home.  The wall shown in this picture is covered with soot and water, which creates a messy residue.   SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.  Our Professional Fire Restoration Technicians are also trained to remove odors and restore your contents to pre-fire conditions. 

*Actual job photo*

Water can't hide from us in the Houston area!

Water is said to be the home’s worst enemy, or in this case, the business’s worst enemy. Water migrates through walls, along pipes, and travels the path of least resistance, even in areas we cannot see.  With the use of a thermal imaging camera SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland can find water and moisture hidden inside walls, sitting in the C Channel of a commercial building, high up in cathedral ceilings, elevator shafts, and even hidden inside paneled walls.  The use of technology saves valuable time when working with a large amount of square feet.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland has the technology, equipment, resources, and trained technicians to handle water damages large and small. 

*Actual job photo*

Hurricane Harvey's aftermath

It has been 10 weeks since Hurricane Harvey slammed into the gulf coast. Here at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland, we are still working around the clock to help restore Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.  As life returns to normal, for many they are faced with the reality that water is the home’s worst enemy.  This Conroe area homeowner thought nothing of the small amount of water that entered the entry way to his home and 10 weeks later he has discovered mold growth inside his walls.  We are here to answer any of your Post-Harvey questions call our office at 936-441-8850 

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Soaking Wet Carpet Pad in Home in Livingston

Did you know that 75% of the water that saturates your carpet is contained in the carpet pad?  This hidden water can be very deceiving; from the surface the carpet may look dry and feel just slightly damp or even completely dry.  A regular shop vac does not have the suction necessary to extract the water in the carpet pad and off the sub-floor.  Without professional extraction equipment the water left behind can lead to odors and mold growth.  It is always best to call the professionals at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland for all your water extraction and drying needs.

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Speed is the Key!

When it comes to moisture control, speed is the key!  Given just the right conditions mold growth can begin forming as quickly as 48-72 hours!  This Cleveland area home experienced a roof leak when the homeowner unexpectedly had to leave town for a few days.  Being gone a little longer than anticipated turned this ceiling into a disaster!   Water is considered to be the home’s worst enemy and water needs to be professionally dried as quickly as possible.  This is why SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland is here to help 24/7/365!

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Self Extinguishing Fire

An exhaust fan in the bathroom shorted out while no one was home.  What a surprise for the homeowners when they returned!  Fortunately, the fire self extinguished and the damage was minor.  The majority of the damage was contained to the bathroom but there was a light layer of soot throughout the home.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Fire Restoration Technicians were not only able to repair the fire damage but they were also able to get rid of the odor that was left behind. 

*Actual job photo*

Water Level on the Rise in Lake Conroe

During a recent storm flood waters contaminated with fertilizer and debris came rushing into this Lake Conroe area home located on a golf course.  From the exterior the water level is visible showing just how much water intrusion this home experienced.  Natural flood waters can be extremely dangerous due to the high levels of contaminates and bacteria.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland is here to help, rain or shine. 

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Roof Leak during a Storm

Pots and pans are designed for cooking, not collecting rain water!  This Lake Conroe area home had a tree limb puncture a hole in the roof during the middle of a summer storm causing water, ceiling, and insulation to come pouring down!   

*Actual job photo*

Emergency Tarp & Board Up Services

This commercial building needed to be boarded up during the middle of the night when high winds sent debris and materials through the glass store front.  Not only did our emergency board up serve as a weather protector from the elements of the storm but it also helped secure the building for the night. 

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Magnetic attraction of soot

Heat, soot, and debris from home fires are attracted to cooler objects and will migrate towards them like a magnetic attraction.  It is very common for even a small fire to produce a heavy build-up of soot on the bathroom fixtures because of their cooler temperatures.  This Magnolia area home experienced a small kitchen fire which spread a layer of soot and debris throughout the entire home and a heavy layer of soot in the bathroom.  Quick action is imperative to prevent the soot and debris from causing secondary damage.  If you have experienced a fire in your home or business you can count on the Professional Fire Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia and Cleveland.  

*Actual job photo*

Shop Vac Demo

Thank you to Keith Armstrong with Met Life for helping us demonstrate how little water a shop vac will actually pull out of the carpet and pad.  Up to 75% of the water may be held in the carpet pad.  A shop vac is a great start but without proper extraction and humidification unattended water can lead to visible growth and future problems.   

Business Interruption Days = 0

When disaster strikes and a business closes or production has to come to an immediate stop, it can be financially devastating for a company.  This Montgomery business had a pipe break over night and the water flooded over 90 percent of the building’s total square footage.  With the quick response, the superior knowledge of SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Technicians and the communication and action plan set up with the building manager, this business did not have to skip a beat! 

*Actual job photo*

Bathroom Moisture

Bathrooms can develop a great deal of moisture from showers, baths, and the humidity in the air. This is what causes mold spores to grow. Without proper ventilation, the wet areas of the bathroom do not dry properly leaving a perfect opportunity for mold spores to colonize and spread throughout the room.  If you have questions or concerns about visible mold growth in your home give us a call 936-441-8550 or 281-356-9991 and our friendly staff will be more than happy to walk you through the process.  For more information on the remediation process click here.  

*Actual job photo*

Unoccupied apartment home

This Huntsville area apartment was unoccupied and a small leak from the water heater went unnoticed for quite some time.  This can be a scary sight to a future renter.  The community manager wanted to make sure that all the necessary steps were taken to ensure the next tenant will be able to breathe easy.  Our Professional Technicians were able to complete an inspection, help diagnose the problem and create an action plan to ensure all future tenants are safe and can live life “Like it never even happened.” 

*Actual job photo*

Vandalism with a Fire Extinguisher

This Montgomery Commercial building was vandalized during the night. The intruders sprayed a layer of Fire Extinguisher foam all over the building.  Fortunately nothing was stolen or damaged during the break in, but a big mess was left behind.  Our Professional Technicians had the building and all of its contents cleaned up in no time.     

*Actual job photo*

Sewer Main Backup

This commercial building in Huntsville had the unfortunate experience of a sewer main backup into their building.  With any type of flood or sewer water intrusion the health and safety for all involved is our number one priority.  The damage was discovered after hours and thanks to the quick response of the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland we were able to get this business back up and running in no time! 

*Actual job photo*

Overnight Water Damage

When commercial buildings are left unattended over night and a water loss occurs, the damage can be significant.  This Cleveland area church experienced a pipe break at some point in the night.  The water was not discovered until the next morning, and by that time the water had traveled throughout the entire building.  Large square foot buildings are not a challenge for Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland.  We have the Professional Technicians and equipment to handle any size job. 

*Actual job photo*

When water leaks go unnoticed

This Lake Conroe Area home had a slow water leak in a pipe behind this closet wall.  The homeowners rarely opened or used the closet so the leak had gone unnoticed for an uncertain amount of time.  The homeowner noticed a smell and began investigating to find growth at the bottom of the closet. When conditions are just right the first signs of growth can begin forming in as little as 48-72 hours!  If you feel you may have a slow leak in your home, do not hesitate to call!

*Actual job photo*

Specialty Drying Equipment

No two homes are the same and when it comes to water damage the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland must be prepared to handle all types of drying situations.  This can even include the use of specialty drying equipment.   This Lake Conroe area home needed an inject-dry system to make sure the walls were properly dried and restored behind this beautiful wall of Judges Paneling.  

*Actual job photo*

Cobweb-looking Smoke & Soot

A strange characteristic of smoke is when plastic burns it creates clusters of cobweb-looking shapes in the corners of the room, called Smoke Webs.  Smoke Webs actually happen in many home and business fires and is not uncommon to the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland.  A common misconception that many business and home owners have is that smoke and soot has settled onto actual cobwebs making them thicker and darker in appearance.

*Actual job photo*

Food can easily become spoiled during a fire

This Montgomery home experienced a fire inside their garage and the soot and debris affected much of the home, including inside of the pantry.  Smoke and soot can travel anywhere that air can travel to.  For instance, SERVPRORO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Fire Restoration Technicians even found soot inside these open bags of chips.  It is not uncommon for food and prescription medications to be replaced after experiencing a fire.   

*Actual job photo*

Storm Causes Multiple Water Intrusions

When the ground is already heavily saturated from previous storms the chance of your home flooding increases significantly.  This Lake Conroe home suffered multiple water intrusions when the rain storms rolled in one after another. Water extraction was performed by SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s trained Storm Teams.  When a storm or disaster hits the Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland areas our Storm Teams are ready to respond!

*Actual job photo*

Soldering Iron caused this Fire inside the garage

After using a soldering iron while working in the garage, this homeowner turned off and unplugged the soldering iron, thinking he had taken all of the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, the soldering iron was left to cool next to a paperback instruction manual.  The heat from the soldering iron caused the instruction manual to smolder and ignite. A truck, hand tools, and wood working equipment were affected by the soot and debris.  The Professional Fire Restoration Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland have the training and experience to restore equipment, tools, and electronics in the event of a business or garage fire.   

*Actual job photo*

Septic System Backup

This New Waverly, Texas home experienced the unfortunate situation of their septic system backing up.  The contaminated water migrated through several rooms in the home saturating the floors, walls, and contents.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Technicians are trained and certified to handle water losses with both clean and contaminated water.   

*Actual job photo*

No job is too big or too small

There is no job too small or too big for SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland.  Our professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle commercial buildings and the complexity that commercial damages can bring to the table.  Our technicians and professional drying equipment are available 24 hours a day for your residential and commercial Restoration needs. 

*Actual job photo*

Mold behind a Water Heater

Even if you see a small amount of growth in your home or office it could be potentially dangerous. Mold can have all kinds of health effects and it will affect people in different ways.  Mold likes damp, dark places and can even grow behind the walls.   This homeowner spotted growth on the wall behind their water heater and had SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s professional technicians properly remove the growth and treat the home before it spread. 

*Actual job photo*

Continuing Education Courses

This week we hosted a Continuing Education Course and we had a guest speaker from the Houston Fire Department come and give a demonstration on the importance of Bunker Gear and Personal Protective Equipment.  All our our CE courses are approved through the State of Texas for Insurance Professionals.  Please contact our office for a CE course schedule.  

Washing Machine Supply Line Leak

This Willis, Texas home recently went through some upgrades and remodeling.  The supply line for the washing machine was not properly reconnected when the washing machine was put back into the home.  With the very first load of laundry the supply line wiggled loose causing water to flow into over half of the home!  The water was able to saturate the hard wood floors, and contents before the homeowner discovered the mess! 

*Actual job photo*

Keaton's Fire Academy Graduation

Congratulations to Keaton Kruger for graduating from the Fire Academy!  Keaton is also a Restoration Technician here at SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland and we are honored to have him as apart of our team!  Thank you for your service Keaton!  

Julie becomes Public Notary

We are so excited that Julie is now a Certified Public Notary through the State of Texas.    She will be able to assist the office staff, our vendors, and our clients with all of their documentation and Notary needs.    Can you tell she is now 5 months pregnant in this picture? 

Domanik receives IICRC Certificate

We are very proud of Domanik's hard work and perseverance!  He is now IICRC Certified as a Water Restoration Technician! Domanik is one of our more seasoned Technicians and he puts his heart into every job that he does- the homeowners and business owners notice and appreciate Domanik's compassion and effort! 

Brenny receives IICRC Certificate

Brenny was recently Certified as an IICRC Water Restoration Technician.  Brenny genuinely cares about each and every home or business he works on to restore and our customers appreciate his hard work and positive attitude!  

3 team members posing for a photo.

Ted Isaacson, Founder of SERVPRO

In 2013 SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland received a very special honor! The late Ted Isaacson who founded SERVPRO in 1967 came to visit our franchise! Julie from our Business Development team is pictured with Ted & Doris Isaacson. SERVPRO feels like a big family that we are proud to be a part of!

Wet cardboard boxes.

Documents Damaged in Roof leak

This Lake Conroe Area home experienced roof damage from the recent rains & winds.  The home owner was storing important documents in the attic that suffered extensive water damage.  Not only can we dry out your home or office but our services also include document drying. 

*Actual job photo*

A sneak peek from behind the scenes at SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland Yelp commercial

Our crew Chief Aaron and Production Technicians Domanik, Chris, and Breny helped demonstrate what day to day life looks like here at SERVPRO of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland during the video shoot for our Yelp commercial. Check out our Yelp page and our video commercial at