Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water stains on ceiling.

A Common Sign of Water Damage

A common way people notice that they have damage above their ceiling is by noticing wet stains popping up. If you have noticed this in your home or business in Magnolia, TX, it is important to call a water mitigation crew for help!

Stains Can Indicate Larger Issues

A water damage event can quickly grow out of control in a very short period of time. Mold can begin to grow and spread in under 48 hours, a quick response from our SERVPRO of Lake Conroe team can prevent this.

Team member working in a kitchen.

Water Damage Occurs Often in Kitchens

The kitchen is an area that commonly suffers from water damage. Your sink might leak and cause a mold infestation. The water supply line to your fridge or dishwasher might also leak water. When this happens, the moisture can spread far and wide throughout your property. 

The sink in this kitchen in Houston suffered from a leak. Luckily, the damage was mainly done to that area, and our crew was able to get the mitigation process started immediately. 

Water can't hide from us in the Houston area!

Water is said to be the home’s worst enemy, or in this case, the business’s worst enemy. Water migrates through walls, along pipes, and travels the path of least resistance, even in areas we cannot see.  With the use of a thermal imaging camera SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland can find water and moisture hidden inside walls, sitting in the C Channel of a commercial building, high up in cathedral ceilings, elevator shafts, and even hidden inside paneled walls.  The use of technology saves valuable time when working with a large amount of square feet.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland has the technology, equipment, resources, and trained technicians to handle water damages large and small. 

*Actual job photo*

Soaking Wet Carpet Pad in Home in Livingston

Did you know that 75% of the water that saturates your carpet is contained in the carpet pad?  This hidden water can be very deceiving; from the surface the carpet may look dry and feel just slightly damp or even completely dry.  A regular shop vac does not have the suction necessary to extract the water in the carpet pad and off the sub-floor.  Without professional extraction equipment the water left behind can lead to odors and mold growth.  It is always best to call the professionals at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland for all your water extraction and drying needs.

*Actual job photo*

Specialty Drying Equipment

No two homes are the same and when it comes to water damage the Professional Technicians at SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland must be prepared to handle all types of drying situations.  This can even include the use of specialty drying equipment.   This Lake Conroe area home needed an inject-dry system to make sure the walls were properly dried and restored behind this beautiful wall of Judges Paneling.  

*Actual job photo*

Septic System Backup

This New Waverly, Texas home experienced the unfortunate situation of their septic system backing up.  The contaminated water migrated through several rooms in the home saturating the floors, walls, and contents.  SERVPRO® of Lake Conroe, Magnolia & Cleveland’s Professional Technicians are trained and certified to handle water losses with both clean and contaminated water.   

*Actual job photo*

Washing Machine Supply Line Leak

This Willis, Texas home recently went through some upgrades and remodeling.  The supply line for the washing machine was not properly reconnected when the washing machine was put back into the home.  With the very first load of laundry the supply line wiggled loose causing water to flow into over half of the home!  The water was able to saturate the hard wood floors, and contents before the homeowner discovered the mess! 

*Actual job photo*

Wet cardboard boxes.

Documents Damaged in Roof leak

This Lake Conroe Area home experienced roof damage from the recent rains & winds.  The home owner was storing important documents in the attic that suffered extensive water damage.  Not only can we dry out your home or office but our services also include document drying. 

*Actual job photo*